Delicately Hardy


…when it’s pretty, it’s even more delicious…. #ChefKali !b0n


Jamba Fried Rice, Babe..

We went a little tomboy on it…Cajun meets Asian..welcome to  Our World… (;j hhheyyy  RoxSand…)

~There are two basic pans: A large fry pan (we use a scoop non-stick) and a smaller fry pan for eggs.

~ready the stations- (egg-bowl, fork /wisk & spices -plus cutting area, as well as sauce station and stove top prep)

With all the veggies prepped and rice cooked…start a med sautée of fresh onion &garlic in ‘good oil’ using egg pan…(Basic Egg Mixture-wisk eggs with a small dash of cold water-when light & frothy stir in pdwrd onion, mustard, garlic, dill… -blend well…)

In the big pan heat ‘good oil’ and fresh garlic/onion mix.. ~when veggies are fragrant and tender, add broccoli,mushrooms &carrots…~sautée about 90seconds til tender; add the rest of prepped veggies-stir.. ~cook on med high to give it a nice sear set-up for a medium sweat with liquid- (our choice is a dash of lager & a drop of light sherry vinegar)

Rest eggs and veggies together when done…

We just wipe our non-stick fryer pan and roll right to rice.. !get a good sear on your cooked rice before sweating/steaming with a small amount of sauce: we used a blend of plum sauce, tamari, worshtishire, orange juice, &ale…;)

Then, just blend rice, veggies, & eggs-stir in protein and finish with a splash of tamari ~and !b0n

Our Veggies: bias thin-cut carrots, broccoli buds, chopped sweet onion, red radish, baby bella mushrooms &yellow bell.. -with green onion, cilantro, water chestnuts, &snow peas..

Our Rice: jasmine

Our Proteins: seared keilbasa and pulled roast chicken breast

!have fun #BlazingKitchens

A Little Warm For Ya Chill

..We just wanna take a little chilly off your chili… mmmm, k- not really… “Spicy Bean & Beef Chili” with diced red radish and green onion… it’s Rad…. with a dollop of “Kali’s Warm Baked Potato Salad ” …mmmmmhhhhmmmm… 


Let’s Get Physical

…We are doing sssmmoooothyysszzz !!!💥

…mustard greens, carrot, cucumber, kale, Apple, banana, fresh lemon- and juices… (Aloe & Cranberry/Blueberry )… mmmmhhhhmmmm… !b0n

“South O’the Border Night” ~ by Chef Kali

 032 015016 018003009 012 011..!!we’re gonna go eat #tasteTest …

~We’ll be back to describe what We ‘feel’ #taste… ~all veggie, refried and black beans… & cheeeeese… wrapped in corn and flour tortillas… ~!there will be lots of great progresse pics with instructional suggestion/ time & temps to post, so You can !build your own… ???  (gotta come up with a name.. )

…&yeah, besides “it’s so easy”, it’s puurrretty wicked.. !b0n..

FF>>> ..#1st Comment in : “…this’ll-make-your-teeth-itch so good..” (<<We think that’s a real good thang…)

THE BEST CHICKEN SALAD.. ’cause She says so… ~by Chef “L’il Julia”

119 113 1201117.. We start by using whole roast *chicken meat and herb/spiced *fresh veggies.. ~then in-blend a savory/sweet creamy ‘devastation’… #asweproceed…

Veggie Prep: .. ~ fin chop >> *celery, *sweet onion, *red onion, & *scallion… >>set aside in deep ‘muddle’ type bowl…

.. ~ add to your veggies the following *spices and *herbs; *course-grain dried garlic, turbinado sugar, lemon pepper & tri-pepper blend…  << about 1/2 T. each.. [+note: the course grain of these ingredients will aerate your veggies to happily accept the rest..] >> “plus size” pinches of *nutmeg, *coriander, & *paprika, with just a !!whisper of *garam masala… ~;*j

>> ~”muddle” all with the back of a spoon; add herbs >> *thyme/*lemon thyme and *dill, along with dried lemon and orange *zest… <

Mainframe: .. ~just marry pulled chicken with finished “prep”.. >> slowly & lovingly, just stir, seeing to it that all the ingredients get well-acquainted… >> finish your blend with a stir of *fresh lemon juice, then set aside in chiller..

“Sauce It” : >> ~blend together *mayonnaise *catsup *ranch dressing, *yellow mustard, *course grain mustard, *dill relish, *sweet relish , & *fresh prepared horseradish… -0h- annnd, as always, just a ‘tad’ of @CholulaHotSauce…

Finish: >> #ItsallintheMix …

…Smile and Savor >>> #BestChickenSalad    ~ !b0n

!!oh and a cheers & #blogshoutout to our new friends @blogShoutout ~ #JahLove @Kalipantha