It’s More than A Burger…

‘Pepper Jack Butternut Burger’ ~by #ChefKali !!!outsane, this one!! ~and oh my, We have ideas for variations bubbling in the pot..!

We used a blend of slow-roast butternut squash…. with ground chuck~ img_1088

..oohhhhh yyyeaaahhhh….>> bake cleaned & oiled halves of squash face down on sheet pan ~ @400* for about 50-/+mins- ’til tender golden..(..a sprinkle of sea salt, granulated garlic, raw sugar, &thyme leaves made ours sing…)

*Mix equal portions of ground meat (we used chuck) and roasted butternut squash…

*Add fin minced garlic & sweet onion to taste…then, mix in just a small dash red wine vinegar, worschteshire, raw sugar, salt, & horseradish… – blend in a generous toss of panko bread crumbs &mix well…

*Mold mixture into patties and !!fire up the grill/griddle…!  *(refrigerate a few mins before firing..) >Note: For a firmer patty, add an egg to mixture..

!!!b0n   ~And !!Happy Holidays, from the crew #FourBringinit

Blazing Kitchens



Delicately Hardy


…when it’s pretty, it’s even more delicious…. #ChefKali !b0n

“?Quisine de Americana”

We, of recent, have been pondering said subject : ?What exactly would pass for genuine American cuisine.. #bafflintheCat

So…. We are each American and this is what We do… ~just something fun, knocking on romantic, definitely pfat with Flavor… ~Enjoy !b0n

We Like Tuna

….you gotta grill the bread to turn ordinary into fabulous…

“Grilled Albacore Salad Sandwich” with all kinds of super stuff… ~ *sweet and dill relish, *chopped red radish, *horseradish, *cut cucumber, *dill, *onion powder, *garlic, *Cholula Hot Sauce, *ranch/course grain mustard sauce… !!It’s rrrrreeeediculous good…. ~embellished with some sliced Roma tomato, chopped green onion, and melty Gouda Cheese…

Just Wanna Good Sandwich


….the grilled bread and ‘Kali’s Special Sauce’ makes it r0ck… and, yeAh, you gonna get some veggies… !b0n #BestSandwich