Eleven (or soūüźĮ)Layers of Silky Love

…!!had a bit of spirited fun with a classic #Flay dish…

Loose-knit Recipe:

Dry:¬†*Garlic, *shallots, *leeks, scallion, *red onion <<to taste &*thin-sliced potato rounds (enough to layer a¬† ‘greased’ 8.5″ x 11.5″ x 2″ baking dish¬†) ….S&P (rubbed dried pineapple sage, tarragon, &¬†lemon thyme leaves¬†for finish)

Wet: *1/8 c. lager, *@10 0z. coconut milk, @ *1c. cream or half & half, 1/4 c. mascarpone

Cheese: *shredded jack, *parmesan, and *gruyere blend

Layer: potatoes with dry ingredients and cheese blend.. (salting & peppering alternate layers of potato..)

Fill:  start with a pour-over of lager; dollop mascarpone across bake, then pour coconut milk & cream just to cover potato mixture

Bake covered at 350* for about 40mins. (depending on potato layer thickness, time varies..) Continue to bake uncovered until golden brown on top.. (let the bake rest tented to marry components before serving)

>>it’s all approximate, this one; !!have a bit of fun! (~stop asking “?where’s the bacon?”)

~This layer bake goes down smooth &silky…just DivineūüĆ∂ !b0n


Delicately Hardy


…when it’s pretty, it’s even more delicious…. #ChefKali !b0n

A Little Warm For Ya Chill

..We just wanna take a little chilly off your chili… mmmm, k- not really… “Spicy Bean & Beef Chili” with diced red radish and green onion… it’s Rad…. with a dollop of “Kali’s Warm Baked Potato Salad ” …mmmmmhhhhmmmm…¬†


“KALI DHELI FUN”… by Chef Kali

-it’s just sliced turkey, cheddar, & provolone with veggies… annnd !grilled Oat Nut bread, dressed with Kali’s “Comfort Sauce”… #DigIt…!!! takes no time !!and delivers… ??wanna fight about it?001… ~ ! this is easy peas-y (Kitchen humor)…and freakishly #YUM..<<<okay the basic “Comfort Sauce”: *mayo, *mustard, *ketchup, *horseradish, *sweet relish,¬†dill relish, *turbinado sugar, *allspice, *garlic, *ground black peppercorn, annnnd a *dash of “body” with @CholulaHotSauce.. To #cutthefat, half the mayo & substitute silken tofu… simply #deelish

~;*> !b0n #productendorsement @HormelNaturalChoice  @CholulaHotSauce

#ForeverAndAllWays #ItsAllInTheMix #LeanAndMean


017009…. it really is #AllintheMix

…!!!and the grilled bun… (learning to perfect my meat mixes… and oven-cooking…) ~the “mix” here is *meat, *splash balsamic vinegar, *turbinado sugar, *fresh prepared horseradish, *whole grain mustard, *dill relish, *panko dust, *granulated course-grain garlic, *sea salt, *cracked peppercorn, *nutmeg, *allspice, and !! @CholulaHotSauce… <<<just squish it- squish it good… (rocked the pattys with a loose hood @350* for 15mins (flippem’ once..); then pull out the meat &¬†load with your fav jalepenos, cheese, etcetera..; broil loaded burgers @300 for about 7mins… ~let rest for 5mins, before dressing your tasty grilled bun for plating.. (Bun grill is just a simple sear of¬†bun with¬†good oil, pepper, and garlic..)

~!this ground chuck beauty came out tender and juicy, courted with a tender crispy bun-aliciousness ;p …as it should be..¬†.. (MRM-TENDER)

~served with Kali’s ‘Baked Potato Salad’.. ~ it’s¬†‘outsane’ !!b0n

[ @CabotCreamery (Sharp white cheddar #Cheese bliss) ] #productendorsement

“South O’the Border Night” ~ by Chef Kali

¬†032¬†015016 018003009 012 011..!!we’re gonna go eat #tasteTest …

~We’ll be back to describe what We ‘feel’ #taste… ~all veggie, refried and black beans… & cheeeeese… wrapped in¬†corn and flour tortillas… ~!there will be lots of great progresse pics with instructional suggestion/ time & temps to post, so You can !build your own… ???¬† (gotta come up with a name.. )

…&yeah, besides “it’s so easy”, it’s puurrretty wicked.. !b0n..

FF>>> ..#1st Comment in : “…this’ll-make-your-teeth-itch so good..” (<<We think that’s a real good thang…)