017009…. it really is #AllintheMix

…!!!and the grilled bun… (learning to perfect my meat mixes… and oven-cooking…) ~the “mix” here is *meat, *splash balsamic vinegar, *turbinado sugar, *fresh prepared horseradish, *whole grain mustard, *dill relish, *panko dust, *granulated course-grain garlic, *sea salt, *cracked peppercorn, *nutmeg, *allspice, and !! @CholulaHotSauce… <<<just squish it- squish it good… (rocked the pattys with a loose hood @350* for 15mins (flippem’ once..); then pull out the meat & load with your fav jalepenos, cheese, etcetera..; broil loaded burgers @300 for about 7mins… ~let rest for 5mins, before dressing your tasty grilled bun for plating.. (Bun grill is just a simple sear of bun with good oil, pepper, and garlic..)

~!this ground chuck beauty came out tender and juicy, courted with a tender crispy bun-aliciousness ;p …as it should be.. .. (MRM-TENDER)

~served with Kali’s ‘Baked Potato Salad’.. ~ it’s ‘outsane’ !!b0n

[ @CabotCreamery (Sharp white cheddar #Cheese bliss) ] #productendorsement


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