“South O’the Border Night” ~ by Chef Kali

 032 015016 018003009 012 011..!!we’re gonna go eat #tasteTest …

~We’ll be back to describe what We ‘feel’ #taste… ~all veggie, refried and black beans… & cheeeeese… wrapped in corn and flour tortillas… ~!there will be lots of great progresse pics with instructional suggestion/ time & temps to post, so You can !build your own… ???  (gotta come up with a name.. )

…&yeah, besides “it’s so easy”, it’s puurrretty wicked.. !b0n..

FF>>> ..#1st Comment in : “…this’ll-make-your-teeth-itch so good..” (<<We think that’s a real good thang…)



689 707…time to Blaze in the Kitchen… “0h my, here We g0..” !b0n

‘We Need Treats’ ~by Chef “Lady Ramsay”



…this one is hosting fresh blackberry, raspberry, & oj-soaked dried sour cherry –and my good stroke on>>

@Ghirardelli  ~’Spiced Southern Sour Cream Brownie Muffin’  !b0n

(..and the brownie does like a good beating…)

The New Girl In Town.. ‘ “Oh Heyul Yeah” On A Bun’ ~Chef “Lady Ramsay”

IMG_6809 ….sausage …& stuff…

(..mmmm, okay, Chef “Lady Ramsay” is a bit of a Captain–annnd Queen… ~so i’ll fill y’all in on the skinny: The start was a soft sautee malange of  red, sweet, &green onion, with minced fresh garlic, chopped baby bello mushrooms, green bell, sour cherries & Roma tomato.. !and various &sundry #herbology #SpiceSense playas.. *nutmeg, *allspice, *mustard, *lemon verbena, *oregano, *coriander, *lemon pepper, *pink peppercorn…promoted with seared polska kielbasa pieces… !& always with a finish of fresh citron (lemon juice here)… !and amazingly the “Ranch Dressing Menace” (Chef Kali) never made Her way in to Studio before the photo shoot…

Yeah, it’s krrraaayyyy… !!kray g00d… !b0n

Cheeses courtesy of @CabotCreamery #WhiteExtraSharpCheddar and the creamiest, buttery-est #PepperJackCheese !evA #productendorsement    @CholulaHotSauce>>> #ForeverandAllWays

THE BEST CHICKEN SALAD.. ’cause She says so… ~by Chef “L’il Julia”

119 113 1201117.. We start by using whole roast *chicken meat and herb/spiced *fresh veggies.. ~then in-blend a savory/sweet creamy ‘devastation’… #asweproceed…

Veggie Prep: .. ~ fin chop >> *celery, *sweet onion, *red onion, & *scallion… >>set aside in deep ‘muddle’ type bowl…

.. ~ add to your veggies the following *spices and *herbs; *course-grain dried garlic, turbinado sugar, lemon pepper & tri-pepper blend…  << about 1/2 T. each.. [+note: the course grain of these ingredients will aerate your veggies to happily accept the rest..] >> “plus size” pinches of *nutmeg, *coriander, & *paprika, with just a !!whisper of *garam masala… ~;*j

>> ~”muddle” all with the back of a spoon; add herbs >> *thyme/*lemon thyme and *dill, along with dried lemon and orange *zest… <

Mainframe: .. ~just marry pulled chicken with finished “prep”.. >> slowly & lovingly, just stir, seeing to it that all the ingredients get well-acquainted… >> finish your blend with a stir of *fresh lemon juice, then set aside in chiller..

“Sauce It” : >> ~blend together *mayonnaise *catsup *ranch dressing, *yellow mustard, *course grain mustard, *dill relish, *sweet relish , & *fresh prepared horseradish… -0h- annnd, as always, just a ‘tad’ of @CholulaHotSauce…

Finish: >> #ItsallintheMix …

…Smile and Savor >>> #BestChickenSalad    ~ !b0n

!!oh and a cheers & #blogshoutout to our new friends @blogShoutout ~ #JahLove @Kalipantha