We Make Sandwiches

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…& yeah, We like a good pickle.. ?wanna fight about it??? ~;*p !b0n


“Chipotle Pepper Jack Burger” ~ Chef Kali

~served with ‘Blazing Kitchens’ Southern Slaw’ and ‘Kali’s (warm) Baked Potato Salad’ ..mmmhhhmmm… ~i’ll get back to You… !b0n091

“South Of The Border Night” ~ by Chef “Kali” .. ‘Compound Tostada’

~ Blessed Memorial Day Everyone.. play it safe; and please take a moment to #Reflect #RESPECT and #Remember…

…just playin’ with new product… this is a base hit for sure.. ~;*>

100_6868… *ground chuck, *refried beans, *cheese blend ( pepper jack, white cheddar, parmesan, asiago, romano, & provolone), chopped *sweet onion and *”broccoli slaw”, & fresh latticed *iceberg lettuce… on a crisp corn tortilla…

The rice blend #easypeasy >> we added *salsa and *chopped jalepenos to our *wild rice blend… ~this thang was sassy, sweet, and hot…

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“Country Comfort” >ROAST CHICKEN NOODLE BAKE ~by Chef “L’il’ Julia”

…this one will make you smile & say aahhhhhhh… ~the #EMT is optional ~;*>


Topping: ..a magic mixture of fresh bread (-chunked), with #Panko Crumbs, Nutmeg > +/-1 Tbs.), *garlic, *ground black pepper corn, *coriander, *lemon balm, *ground mustard, *paprika, & * turbinado sugar…. >> just toss thoroughly, while humming a sweet song.. #itsallintheMix ..  >>pull some butter (1 stick.. orrrr more..), and let stand room temperature, till finish.. >>let’s head to the main game.. (* = 2-3 tsp.)

Filling: Prep: .. 1 c. each *chopped celery and *sweet onion, 2 c. diced fresh *mushrooms, 4 medium-sized clove slices of minced *garlic… >>set aside.. (begin a water boil for noodles..)

Mainframe: …>> set up a large sautee pan for stove-top part of preparation..  >> gently warm..

*1 can cream celery soup

*1 can cream of mushroom soup

*1 can evaporated milk, & about a cup of water…

*1 can sweet English peas (drain well & set aside)

>>stir liquids slowly into warming soups… ~when mixture gets to a very slow roll, add, meat from whole roasted *chicken, (minus wings and legs meat)… and +/- 2 cups fresh grated *parmesan cheese… >>

Finish: *one 12oz. bag of *egg noodles.. >>…when noodles are draining, stir slowly into sautee your prepped veggies, and  *sweet English peas… >> remove from heat and allow flavors marry, as oven pre-heats to *350 degrees….

Into The Oven: ..>>  pour stove-top mixture into large mixing bowl with cooked noodles.. gently stir all together with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice..>> load into greased casserole baking dish… >> top with crumb mixture.. finish with melted butter.. ~bake, baby, bake.. *35-40 minutes…let stand about 20 minutes before serving..   !b0n