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Way-Back Casserole 

Recipe!On the WayūüĆ∂ !b0n¬†

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Gather and heat together: 1 can each>>>  *Cream of Chicken soup, *Cream of Celery soup, *Cream of Mushroom soup, *Evaporated Milk(8 oz.)

Prepare: *2 cups shredded parmesan cheese, *1 cup shredded white cheddar cheese..

Sautee: (in a bit of good Oil): *1/4 cup fin chopped garlic, *1/2 cup chopped water chestnuts, *1 1/4 cup small chopped mushrooms, *1 cup each>>> *chopped celery, *minced sweet onion, *fin sliced leeks… ~add a dust of sea salt &¬†cracked pepper, a ‘pinch’ of nutmeg & mustard powder,¬†with a light sprinkle of dried thyme… >>Sweat with splashes of *Ale, *Worcestershire, *Balsamic Vin, *Chicken Stock….

Boil:  12oz. portion of egg noodles (or any yummy pasta you like)

Prep: 1 cup of fin shred curly kale, open/drain a small can of sweet peas…set aside for finish…

Bake: 6oz. portion of skinned Steelhead Trout…wrap and set aside…¬† ~We clean & dry the fish, layer it with citrus/savory goodness, and bake in a parchment pouch on a baking sheet for 20-25mins at *325 (time may vary up according to thickness of filet)

Blend: In a large mixing bowl blend all…incorporate juice of 1/2 lemon. 1 cup fin chopped curly kale, and small can of English sweet peas… Mix well… >>¬†¬†turn into large oiled casserole pan. Cover¬†casserole with cut bread cubes (about 2 cups); drizzle 1/3 cup melted butter/olive oil blend (to taste)¬†across bread cubes…add a light dusting of course grain granulated garlic…

Bake the¬†Casserole 35+-mins uncovered at 325*..or until golden and bubbling… ~Let rest for 20 minutes before serving…oohhhhhh yyyyeaaahhhh…. #EMToptional !b0n





Eleven (or soūüźĮ)Layers of Silky Love

…!!had a bit of spirited fun with a classic #Flay dish…

Loose-knit Recipe:

Dry:¬†*Garlic, *shallots, *leeks, scallion, *red onion <<to taste &*thin-sliced potato rounds (enough to layer a¬† ‘greased’ 8.5″ x 11.5″ x 2″ baking dish¬†) ….S&P (rubbed dried pineapple sage, tarragon, &¬†lemon thyme leaves¬†for finish)

Wet: *1/8 c. lager, *@10 0z. coconut milk, @ *1c. cream or half & half, 1/4 c. mascarpone

Cheese: *shredded jack, *parmesan, and *gruyere blend

Layer: potatoes with dry ingredients and cheese blend.. (salting & peppering alternate layers of potato..)

Fill:  start with a pour-over of lager; dollop mascarpone across bake, then pour coconut milk & cream just to cover potato mixture

Bake covered at 350* for about 40mins. (depending on potato layer thickness, time varies..) Continue to bake uncovered until golden brown on top.. (let the bake rest tented to marry components before serving)

>>it’s all approximate, this one; !!have a bit of fun! (~stop asking “?where’s the bacon?”)

~This layer bake goes down smooth &silky…just DivineūüĆ∂ !b0n

It’s More than A Burger…

‘Pepper Jack Butternut Burger’ ~by #ChefKali !!!outsane, this one!! ~and oh my, We have ideas for variations bubbling in the pot..!

We used a blend of slow-roast butternut squash…. with ground chuck~¬†img_1088

..oohhhhh yyyeaaahhhh….>> bake cleaned &¬†oiled halves of squash¬†face down on sheet pan¬†~ @400* for about 50-/+mins- ’til tender golden..(..a sprinkle of sea salt, granulated garlic, raw sugar, &thyme leaves made ours sing…)

*Mix equal portions of ground meat (we used chuck) and roasted butternut squash…

*Add fin minced garlic & sweet onion to taste…then, mix in just a small dash red wine vinegar, worschteshire, raw sugar, salt, & horseradish… – blend in a generous toss of panko bread crumbs &mix well…

*Mold mixture into patties and !!fire up the grill/griddle…!¬† *(refrigerate a few mins before firing..) >Note: For a firmer patty, add an egg to mixture..

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